Sunday, August 29, 2004

hitched and hiked

Weddings are always so much fun. The ceremonies make you all sappy and sentimental. Make you want to squeeze the one you love. The receptions are always a good time. Seeing people you've not seen in a while, reconnecting with old friends. We had a blast at Jake & Holly's wedding on Saturday. I posted a few pictures that I snapped, until the official wedding pictures are posted online by the photographer. I don't know why I didn't get more pictures!
There were the Phillips Brothers, who are always a hoot. Congrats to Ryan & Rosie Phillips who got married recently in an unannounced ceremony in Las Vegas. Apologies to the "young kids" like Austin and Ryan C. that Ryan (Winn) just can't accept have grown up... he says to them "what are you now? 15? 16?" "um, dude, we're 20" and then Ryan falls to the floor astonished. Yes, sweetheart, you're the only one caught in a time warp who doesn't age. Apologies also to the family of the bride for my husband's freaky behavior. He's got something in his brain that just isn't wired right, and whenever he sees a Great Aunt or Grandmother sitting during a disco song, he feels compelled to lure them to the dance floor and make 'em boogie. Mind you, they weren't complaining... I'm just sayin' he's developing a reputation for freaking grandmas during "Rumpshaker" that may or may not be appropriate for a man of 28.
On behalf of all us rockin' folks at Table 20, I'd like to say that a good time was had by all. And to the losers at Table 16 who envied us the whole night... haw! haw!... hope you enjoyed the dirty dishes we had delivered! And kudos to the kick ass chick on the waitstaff who agreed to deliver them. Man, that was awesome.
Raise your glass and toast to the happy couple!

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