Sunday, August 01, 2004

Inkbot x2000

This weekend we went to a swell BBQ hosted by Marco, and all the "tracer" nerds were there. I just about wet my pants laughing when they brought up a recent interview with David Finch in which the interviewer asks how he can justify using a computer program to do his inks when so many artists are out of work. Baffled, David asked the interviewer what he was talking about, and the interviewer alluded to his use of "Livesay", believing it to be a computer program.

Apparently, this is a rumor that has been circulating the internet for a while now, saying that there is a comic inking computer program called "Livesay" that some major artists are using to ink their works, rather than to pay a finishing artist. As funny as it is to think of Inkbot x2000, I assure you, John Livesay is a real live person. He does a mean robot, but I can attest that he is made of flesh and blood.

Also at the party was a girl that recognized my name (Actually, she said that "Ryan & Mia" sounded familiar). She started naming off a lot of people that she thought that we'd know... but no hits. Then about an hour later it hit me - she was the T.A. for my anatomy class a year ago. I finally have an eye witness that I am an excellent dissector (no one in my personal life ever had the guts - har! - to see my A+ cat dissection or my 'display worthy' sheep brain dissection). Everyone's heads snapped in the usual fashion - "you dissected a CAT?!" It's in the name of science, people! ... plus, the cats that are used by anatomy students are all cats that were euthanized for whatever reason (elderly, sick, etc.) by shelters who use the profits to fund spay & neuter programs. Anyway, it just goes to show how small my world is... I can't go anywhere without running into people that I already know. The universe is telling me something.. what that is, I don't know. Maybe it's just as well to be confused for a computer program rather than have people think you're a heathen for dissecting animals.

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