Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Going to the Chapel... empty handed

So I need your help - gasp! surprise! shock!

Ryan & I are attending a wedding in 2 weeks and I am still at a loss as to what to get these people as a gift. Here's the sitch : Jake is an old friend of ours, who we don't really see very often. As I understand it, he and Mrs. Jake are temporarily living with friends or family (I'm not 100% clear on that part), the point being that they don't have a place of their own just yet. So I don't want to buy them a blender of Foreman Grill or whatever when they don't have a place to store and won't use for a while. As far as I can tell, they also aren't registered anywhere (names aren't on any registry that I've found), so I don't know what they even might want... normally, I might go for the personal gift, but Jake isn't the kind of guy who might like embroidered tea towels or a knitted iPod cozy, and I don't really know Mrs. Jake. To add insult to injury, Mr. & Mrs. Jake make a good bit of money, running their own business, so I think it would be awkward to give them a sappy card with $100 inside (and truth be told, I live on a budget, so a gift of $1,000 just isn't possible). Am I being too touchy? Doesn't everyone like free money?

Any ideas? Is there any universally wonderful wedding gift? I think back to some of the beautiful things that Ryan & I got at our wedding, and some of the nicest things actually were the gift cards for Bed, Bath & Beyond or Target... but then again, we had our own place and were just super excited to buy ourselves a matching set of silverware. Jake bought us a really nice DVD player - even enclosing the receipt and mail-in rebate for 15 free movie rentals. So I feel like I at least owe him equally nice... but what?

I'm stuck in one of those "what to buy the people who have everything" conundrums. *sigh* Any words of advice or even free candy bars are appreciated....

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