Wednesday, July 14, 2004

i think of weird things

so I was rocking out to Rob Zombie's CD last weekend while I was curling my hair and I thought : I wonder how many tears Rob Zombie would cry if he knew that ultra lame geek girls like me are prancing around to "The Great American Nightmare" while twirling their hair into some boppy pop fad fashion.

Then I also thought about how weird it has to be to actually BE a super-scary-icon-type-guy like Rob Zombie. I mean he can never just slack off and tie his hair into a ponytail - he'll get beat up. So he HAS to paint his face and dread his hair and sew his eyes shut or whatever... at least I have the option of wearing pajamas to the grocery store and blending in with the other nerds.

Plus, can you get a clear mental image of a guy like him sitting down to breakfast? Just chowing on a bowl of cheerios or something? I don't think I could resist laughing if I saw a thing like that.

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