Sunday, June 13, 2004

Sunday Bloody Sunday

I hate Sundays. A LOT. Not much can salvage a Sunday... no matter how you slice it, it sucks. Monday is looming just around the bend. Saturday is a distant memory.

I usually waste at least an hour of my Sunday thinking back to Friday. Why didn't I do that then? Why did I fall asleep so early? We should have ____ [insert anything but going back to work here].

But to try and stop myself (since I have less than 60 minutes of Sunday remaining) I will instead think of all the things that I DID get accomplished and leave scrubbing the bathtub to being a Tuesday night chore :

  • saw a group of unexpected friends at Fitzgerald's, where the Taint rocked an awesome show

  • got smooched by Jerry Curl of the Booty Burglars

  • stayed up 'til 5am watching "School of Rock" because it was due back to Blockbuster at noon, and we forgot until 3am that we still had it on top of the DVD player

  • slept until 1:30pm, thus making "School of Rock" late anyway

  • got the gift baskets and filler purchased, just leaving assembly for Monday night

  • drank too many gin & tonics and got a little giggly and tried to convince Jake that singing "Charles in Charge" was imperative, or at least they could let ME sing "Astro Zombies" (neither suggestion was taken)

  • drove to Westwood to see the Taint suck it up

  • ate Del Taco breakfast burritos - deceivingly addictive

  • made BBQ'd fish tacos w/the Bostons and shared my thoughts on coaching the Lakers (which would involve plucking nose hairs for missed free throws and mandatory haircuts for Rick Fox)

  • tried to inspire John's Rally Lizard into willing the Lakers into a victory. Of course, my request went unheeded and instead he tried to eat my rice. Bad lizard!

  • did 2 loads of laundry and clean underwear AND socks for work tomorrow

All in all, it wasn't a total loss... but I still wish I had more time. There are naps to take and ice cream sandwiches to eat. But tonight, I am just too tired.

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