Friday, June 25, 2004

out of office message

Starting right this minute I am on a "long weekend vacation/surgery expedition". I will catch you up on Monday or Tuesday as to the particulars, but this is what is on the itinerary :

Friday : drive to Palm Springs, float aimlessly in pool until dark sunburn develops or early signs of heat stroke appear. Following, visit local movie theater or dark bedroom to take a nap.

Saturday : slather self in aloe vera snot-lotion until burning subsides. Kick the kids' asses at Scattergories and/or Pictionary and make them buy me popsicles. 7pm - arrive at the show in time to see No Doubt, Blink 182, & The Living End

Sunday : drag tired self to water park and fall asleep in the lazy river. Wake up on world's highest water slide and burn soles of feet on hot asphalt.

Monday : 10am - report to dentist for root canal and crown & cap placement. His office has a "while you wait" cap service so I will be there approx. 3 hours while they perform the surgery, make my crown, make my cap, install said fixtures and then send me home. Fortunately, there will be much nitrous oxide involved so that I don't have a freak attack on the dentist and rip the drill out of his hands while he is boring a hole into the center of my skull in an attempt to save my stupid ass broken tooth.

Tuesday : drag self out of bed and back to work, where I will proceed to attempt to earn back the $1,500 that the dentist has just cost me.

I hope that you all have a great weekend - and even better Monday. If you feel like emailing me yogurt and scrambled eggs and pennies for my savings account, all are greatly appreciated.

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