Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Dizzy from a Karma Yo-Yo

What's that saying? Sometimes you're the hammer and sometimes you're the nail? Today, I am officially both.

Nail : woke up later than expected and had to rush to get ready and leave the house, including skipping the lint roller routine. Arrived at work with cat hair in the butt crack of my black pants.

Hammer : A co-worker was arriving at the same time and offered to help me with my morning tasks.

Nail : the signage for the morning's events weren't set

Hammer : Someone swooped in at the nick-of-time and helped me pull them all together

Nail : overwhelmed with budget estimates

Hammer : my sister's boyfriend is changing my brakes for me AND my oil AND washing the filthy beast of a car AND he picked it up from me at work (!!) and is delivering it back to me (!!!)

Nail : Zach's guitar was stolen out of Ryan's truck today

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