Monday, May 17, 2004

Near Diablo Experience

Saturday night was fun on a whole buncha levels. Ryan's band played with those mischevious Booty Burglars at Malone's Irish Pub, where I thought that I spied the infamous Diablo Cody! This petite little sprite there was a dead ringer for the famed Diablo, and I couldn't stop wondering (I know she sometimes visits friends in the So. Cal. area, so it was feasible!)... I overheard one of her friends call her by her first name, which happened to be the same as Diablo's true moniker. It was too much... I was convinced... it HAD to be her, right? Didn't it? Ryan suggested yelling out "Diablo Cody!!" between songs. If she turned around, it was her... unless of course, she thought we were freakish stalkers and ran to hide in the bathroom. Ryan tried it once, and she leaned to whisper in her friend's ear. Was that a sign? She never turned around to look at us, so we stopped yelling it, feeling as stupid as we looked.

The other cool part of the night was that we took Dear Brother Evan with us. Guess what made this so cool : a. it was his first time seeing Ryan play live b. he's only 19 and had to be snuck into the bar c. he rocked hard and became the center of attention d. he won the Booty Burglars CD give away fair and square e. he made the bartender blush by batting his lashes - I'm pretty sure he ended up getting her home phone number f. all of the above

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