Saturday, March 27, 2004


I think I have discovered a new disease. An addiction, really.

Neck Rubs.

It seems that no matter who is rubbing, weak or strong, rough or soft, I can never get enough of having my neck massaged. I suppose there are worse things. People who fear peanut butter sticking to the roof of their mouth (arachibutyrophobia) or being dressed (vestiophobia) or seeing people's knees (genuphobia).

But this is what I am submitting to the DSM-V for approval :

Neck-Rub-Philia : one who

Neck-Rub-Philia comes in various shapes and sizes. Note that by definition a Neck-Rub-Phile does not necessarily want to be massaged over the entire body; an alternative would be to be rubbed only on the neck, head, or shoulders. Roughly categorized, at least three different types of Neck-Rub-philes emerge:

- Neck-Rub enthusiasts who, enjoy neck massages from anyone and, putting form before function, may consent to a massage that does not actually relax the muscles. This may be from an overly strong approach, or a far too gentle one;

- compulsive Neck-Rubbers, identifiable by the fact that they will request and/or accept a neck massage from any source and in any circumstance; and

- Massage Clients who, more generally, will purchase massage services from a professional or other qualified massuese to obtain a neck-rub. A neck-run from any other person, as they see it, is unreliable and unejoyable.

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