Sunday, March 21, 2004

Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con

Last week at Target, I saw this teeny weensy digital camera on sale for $20 and so I broke it in over the weekend at the Wizard Con in Long Beach. They aren't the best pics, but until I get the emails from everyone else (who have the expensive cameras) with better pictures, you'll have to accept this as photographic proof that I did actually attend 2 days of the Wizard Con.

Danny Miki (left) gave an inking seminar to a really fun crowd. He opened it up to lots of Q&A and got his fair share of heckling from the ranks of us nerds.

There was also a lot of swag on-hand to purchase. I seriously debated buying this shirt (right) with A.C. Slater & Zach Morris on it... "Heart Throbs"... yes, I know. I am lame. I decided to hold off and instead purchased some miniature plastic fruit from a Japanese kiosk. I don't know what it's for... a toy, I assume, but every box has a surprise... I was hoping to get the crab or maybe the clams... but I got the melons. Cute, regardless, and just one more thing to add to the clutter. :)

Joe Weems (left) was also on-hand, signing autographs. It's always fun seeing people you know being celebrities. All of the Crime Lab Studios guys run around doing signings and panel discussions and the like... and then to see these same people get starstruck at other comic nerdies. Or Rebecca Rojmin-Stamos.

Ryan was very happy because Mark Silvestri (right - I know, bad picture), acknowledged the work that he's been doing. Ryan's inked a few pages for Mark, including a recent cover, but hadn't seen Mark in a while, so when Mark saw it and praised him on his talents... it was a big honor.

As for me... Man, I have had a FULL weekend and I am going to be dragging on Monday. I had a hard week with long hours and a lot of actual running around (in high heels, no less). Friday night, I got a last minute invitation to see the Lakers play the Clippers at Staples Center, so I was out late. Got up early on Saturday for Convention Madness, stayed out late with the other Nerdies. Repeat on Sunday. Dude, my dogs are BARKIN' and I am pooped. I hope that you all had good weekends too... but I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that none of you saw a middle aged man dressed up as Wolverine, a black Superman, a 200 lb Wonder Woman, and Rebecca Rojmin-Stamos all in one day.

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