Monday, February 02, 2004

Slave to the grind

Oh my gosh. It's Monday? Already? But... it was just... it was.... Saturday?.... oh well. *Sigh*

This weekend was pretty fun, and, as always, action packed! Ryan's band played Saturday night and had a REALLY good show. If you have not ever experienced the Original Booty Burglars, let me tell you... you're missing out. Word of advice to the timid : don't stand next to Jerry Curl unless you're ready to get your booty burgled. And if you're scared of even the prospect of 'burgling' then you'd best hang out in the back.

I did another up-do with my hair... Ryan took a picture, but I got so washed out with the flash that I had to keep messing with the colors. For some reason, with any tone other than pink you can't see my nose or mouth - ?? Anyone with Photoshop experience may be able to tell me where I went wrong. I have linked to the orginal, unaltered picture here. I wanted to try and show you anyway... because, you know... you're all dying to know how I wore my hair. ;)

I also have updated my post below with a picture of the wrist cuffs. As you can see, they are Too Metal For One Hand!

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