Friday, January 30, 2004

Who Are You?

My new compadre, Easycure, verbalized a thought that I had the other day... and a question that I wanted to pose to each of you :

So many of us use nicknames and other monikers when traveling around the internet... completely understandable... but my question is - how did you get the name that you use?

My story :

I became "TinkerBell737" many years ago. It began, actually, circa 1994 when my family first got AOL service. My stepfather was at the computer thinking of screen names for each of us. The suggestion from AOL was to pick a hobby then add numbers to it, like your birthdate. I have always been an avid Tinker Bell collector and so "Tink" was the word that he chose... he then added on 410, which is my height (bday is 9/10 if you want to send a card). So I was Tink410. I was Tink410 until I moved out and got my own internet service... I couldn't take the screen name with me, so I had to choose another. I knew I wanted TinkerBell... but I needed a different number. I tried several things and all were taken...then I chose 737 which is the title of a really good Mighty Mighty Bosstones song. The song is in reference to their post office box, 737, and how much the love getting mail and interacting with their fans. Anyway, I thought it was cool enough, so I chose TinkerBell737. Lucky for me, no other nerd in InternetLand ever wanted that name, so I was able to use the same name for all my accounts... thus,

However, I have recently moved (duh) to In high school, my band of nerd girls were called the Giddy Girlies and I was always the lead Fizgig. Since I couldn't think of a good URL with "fizgig" in it, I went for GiddyGirlie instead.

Now.... tell me.... who are you?

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