Saturday, February 14, 2004

"Nothin' says 'I love you' like flowers in the shitter"

I am a creature of habit. Every night when I come home from work, I say hello to Ryan, pet Ruckus, give Monkey srubbies behind his ears, then run to the bathroom to go pee.

Friday night, I came home, as usual, said hello to everyone... only when I got to the bathroom, I found this.

I looked in the mirror and could see him standing in the hallway, smiling.

"Ry... this is so sweet..."

"Hey, Cutes, nothin' says 'I love you' like flowers in the shitter"

[for the record, he hand-painted a red rose black, made a card, bought me some new crafty supplies, and found the framed photo of us on our first anniversary. The heart with the bat wings is something that he and I made up in the summer of 1997 as a cool icon... we use it for everything that we personalize for one another. He took the liberty of adding a pirate hat for Friday The Thirteenth 2004.]

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