Sunday, February 15, 2004

Giddy Girlie Bulletin

I am an idiot and didn't publish the image that I thought that I did and then when I did, I didn't link to it properly so no one could see the picture at all. Sigh. I will fix it tonight, when I get home. Sorry folks! However, the link map is still there, so you can click in the vicinity of the rose on the right to see my Hot Link and just slightly higher to open an IM window. [/idiocy]

* new IM screen name : TheGiddyGirlie (click the horeshoe above to chat)
- I will also be keeping the AnswerLadyMia screen name, but as many of you know that is the IM that I use for work, so all my conversations are recorded by The Company. TheGiddyGirlie is my screen name for my personal life, and it's possible that I may not be available at that screen name during the "business hours" but will be at night. Please still IM me at AnswerLadyMia if TheGiddyGirlie isn't signed on.

* Hot Link
- every so often, I will update the Hot Link button (horseshoe icon above) to send you to another exciting web site. It may be a blog, it could be an eBay listing, or just a great site overall.

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