Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I now pronounce you partners for life

I haven't posted anything about the Gay Marriage 'issue' because mostly, I can't formulate my thoughts into anything that doesn't contain the F word or childish name calling against George Bush. Yes, I know, I am a poet.

Personally, I think that anyone who wants to be married should have the right. It's discrimination to deny people that opportunity based on their sexual preference. What this whole stupid thing about is the "ick" factor. That it makes someone uncomfortable, and so it should be hidden away from everyone else. It's the same ick factor that left our handicapped children locked in the back rooms... the same ick factor that left our mentally ill chained to a bed in a hospital... it's the same ick factor that kept people enslaved on our fields... it's the same "icky" feeling that we didn't know how to deal with, so we hid it away. No one talked about it. No one knew. But in 2004 we are an enlightened society. We know that physical and mental malformations exist. So what? We know that people come in various races and colors and they want to shop in the same places, live in the same neighborhoods. So what? But some of us are still hiding our piano legs and denying that the world is round...

But you can't complain about a problem, unless you bring a solution. Mine is this : I think the gay community should stage the Million Fag March. Everyone would convene on Capital Hill and have these lusty make out sessions and confront Dubya and his stupid "ick" factor head-on.

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