Friday, January 23, 2004

ok, so I lied...

Last night got kind of hectic at the last minute, and then I settled in on the couch and once my feet got warm again - I was in for the night....which means I didn't learn to knit.

Instead, I took the opportunity to work on my embroidery instead [keep the booing to a minimum, please]. I am currently juggling a super secret surprise for Styro [who is a sultry singularly spectacular chick, as you know] as well as working on a replacement for Choppa Scarf 1.0 which went off to travel the world and left poor Choppa scarf-less. I am in an extremely fickle mood lately and have had a hard time committing to a design... it's my M.O. to start a project and dump it halfway through for a revised version, so these things take time. Plus, I have 4 websites that I am currently rebuilding, all of which need to be published a.s.a.p. including a little something for myself [more to come on that]. Add to that a very major job interview on Monday, plus an extra little stress from... well, I'm not quite ready to talk about that yet... and I am a bundle of nerves. And a flake. I owe each and every one of you home made toffee and peanut butter bon bons for sticking it out with me here. I love you all a whole bunch.

Muchas Smoochas to everyone!

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