Thursday, January 08, 2004

California Dreamin'

Now that we are all well into January and freezing our buns off, I am already starting to day dream about my summer vacation... I am still undecided as to where to go - I know! For shame! It's 8 days into January and I don't know where my July trip will take me!!

We've had such fabulous experiences at Club Med the past couple of summers, that we're leaning toward vacationing with them again. [sales pitch] It really is a nice place to go, they have so many activities and such, plus it's all-inclusive, so you can stay there without spending a penny. Since last year, even the alcohol is included, so you really don't pay one cent more... plus, the service is great, food is excellent, excursions are great...[/sales pitch] But we still don't know which one to go visit.

Requirements : my tickets are valid only for US48, Mexico, Canada, & Caribbean (no Hawaii, no South America, no Europe)

Considerations : We really like beachy destinations and are leaning toward another Caribbean destination... although Gulf of Mexico is nice, too.

Candidates :
Last year, we went here.

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