Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Resolution Revolution

In the proud tradition of bloggers everywhere, I will share with you some of my personal resolutions for 2004 :
  1. Sew more. Now that I have my own machine, I just need to set aside the time for myself to work on my projects.

  2. Send birthday cards and gifts on time. No more belated well-wishes!

  3. Eat more vegetables

  4. Wake up earlier in the morning and set aside time to stretch and actually wake up, before running off to work

  5. Lobby for a promotion at work - and a raise!

  6. Find an exercise program and stick with it

  7. Learn some French!
  8. Get the nerve to finally get the CT scan that I need to have done and find out once and for all what exactly is causing my migraines
  9. Keep up with housework before the dust bunnies take over*

  10. Start actively looking for a house to buy...and then buy it!

  11. Get pregnant**

*I plan to take some help from Molly Maids on this one. I am having them come in soon and give the whole apartment a top-to-bottom scrub and then just manage the 'upkeep' myself. I am so uninspired to take a toothbrush to the floorboards, but it probably should be done...

**I know this is pretty blunt, but let's face it - my insides are already a mess and I'm not getting any younger. Plus, the making babies part is fun for everyone, so why not? ;-)

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