Monday, December 08, 2003

NY in a nutshell

I don't want to bore you with every detail of my trip... just some of them... and to remind you all that I need mailing addresses, people! How else can I send Christmas goodies and NY trinkets?! Sigh... c'mon already!

In a NY minute :
  • 31 degrees on Thursday, 17 degrees on Friday

  • My Choppa hat kept me warm AND stylish

  • I saw a guy that might have been IA and I yelled "Are you the incompetent attorney?! I love you! Let's deep fry something! Woooooo!!" across the street and he flipped me off and a cab honked. It must have been IA for real.

  • Sock Monkeys love NY. Pictures are forthcoming.

  • I saw two celebrities at JFK airport while I was stranded there this weekend. Both were shorter than I expected. One screamed like a woman when he saw how cold it was outside and again when his driver pulled up. Guess who?

  • snow hurts your eyeballs when the wind picks up and it pelts you like tiny stones

  • I bought an I heart NY t-shirt for $2. I had to... it's required for all geeky tourists.

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