Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Bright Lights, Big City

Ok, friends and loved ones... once again I am taking a brief departure from Blogsylvania to vacation. Yes, I know I can't afford it and it's horribly stupid to run off to a place like New York with $6 and a stale pack of gum, but dammit! I have to!! This may be my only chance... and if nothing else, I'll load up my pockets with goodies from First Class again so I can eat wilted salad and crackers all weekend. I'll call it an Atkins Diet and no one will think twice about it.

PLUS this trip will counter balance the last one. Last weekend : Grandma overfeeding you on naughty food. This weekend : Eating snowballs in Central Park and collecting pennies for the subway. It's totally feng shui ...or something!

I will send postcards to my Bloggy Buddies (except IA because I just realized that his real name is not IA and I don't know what it is... and if I look in the phone book for Incompetent Attorney, I'll be there all night!!!). If I don't already have your address - you'd better hurry up and send it! Or else you'll get a NYC postcard with a California postmark! :)

If I don't show up again on Monday, please send help. It probably means I am frozen to a toilet seat in Central Park somewhere. The police will know it's me because no one but a Californian would be wearing TWO down coats, a scarf, ear muffs, a beanie, 2 thermal shirts, 3 t-shirts, a sweater, a sweat shirt, 4 pairs of knee high socks, 9 pairs of long johns, jeans, 16 pairs of mittens and at least 2 pairs of shoes.

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