Sunday, November 02, 2003

Weekend Update

Ryan's band played at the Liquid Den. The show was pretty good, but we got a sneak attack by a boat load of old "friends" (the ones that you intentionally forgot to call back for three years) and ex-boyfriends (mine, not Ryan's) so that was awkward and ...well...awkward. After the show, we were loading up his equipment when there was a huge cloud burst and we got drenched. We decided that since we were dripping wet and it was already 1am, that we would skip Joe's party. Sorry Joe.

Slept in late. Really late. Then remembered that we had dentist appointments in 20 minutes. Oops. Brush brush brush. Dentist (Dr. Bliss) had sparkles in his eyes as he told me all about the 3 crowns that he recommends that I have installed a.s.a.p. as well as the possible root canal that I might need. Of course, he's already beaming about the prospect that he might be able to sell Ryan on $4000 worth of veneers. I flipped him the bird and went home. I am really hating dentists who take the ambush approach to sell you services.

Slept in late. Really late. Ryan kicks ass and worked hard all day on his comic pages. I kick ass and worked on JenB's monkey patch. Then we decided to take a Disneyland break to ride the Haunted Mansion. I got a chance to show off my rad new beanie that Choppa made for me. It was cold. Everyone envied me. You envy me.

Here's me stitchin' and bitchin'

Here's us at the Mansion. I agree, he should have shaved before we went. That 5 'o clock shadow mustache is FUGLY!

Who rules? Oh, that's me

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