Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Baby It's Cold Outside

me : baby it's cold outside... I really can't stay... baby it's cold outside... I must go away
Ryan : it's not that cold
me : cold enough. just sing it.
Ryan : I don't know the words
me : then go google them and we'll sing it
Ryan : why?
me : it's either that or play Xmas with me. you can go find something that you think I have forgotten about and wrap it up and I'll open it and be surprised and have a present.
Ryan : are you serious?
me : yes! oh, and you can say "ho ho ho...merry everyone!" like Homer does.
Ryan : I have work to do.
me : I don't care. Play Xmas or sing with me.
Ryan : Baby it's cold outside...
me : I really can't stay
Ryan : But baby, it's cold outside.
me : I got to go 'way.
Ryan : But baby, it's cold outside.
me : This evening has been
Ryan : Been hopin' that you'd drop in.
me : so very nice...

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