Tuesday, November 25, 2003

for Pete's sake

who ever Pete is...

These striking grocery people are on my last nerve. Now the Teamsters are joining in their strike, too, which is only causing more trouble.

Why these people don't realize that by interrupting business and reducing the profits for these stores is only going to cost them their jobs in the long run is beyond me. If the store isn't making money, they will start lay offs... guess who is first?

As you may recall from an earlier post, my husband has dared to cross the picket lines and go to work for a local store to earn some extra cash for the holidays. Yes, he is a vile scab. It's been a piece of cake so far, except for the picketers who barrage the customers (mostly elderly clients from a nearby residential facility) with insults and threats. Something like 50 assault and vandalism charges have been filed from this ONE store alone. It's disgusting.

Yesterday one of the picketers followed my husband to his car and tried to pursuade him to quit "don't you know that you're working for 'The Man'? They don't respect you. they are faceless corporate America. They don't care what happens to you. This store is crap, man. No one here cares about the employees, they only care about themselves. they're all greedy bastards that will go out of their way to spite you. They are only going to fire you and when this is all over, you'll just be washed up with no where to go. You can't start a career in grocery by being a scab. You should just leave now... so I can have my job back."

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