Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Big Rig Full of Valium

...that's what I need right now. My nerves are on edge and I will probably die in a pukey puddle of yuck sometime in the next week.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons Why I Am Having A Nervous Breakdown This Week :
  1. money is tight - really tight
  2. Rent is due on Monday
  3. Ryan hasn't been paid for the last 2 weeks' work
  4. I leave for New York on Wednesday
  5. My half of the hotel bill alone will be $300
  6. People, generally, like to eat. Especially in NY
  7. Christmas is just around the corner
  8. My one reliable money lender - Mom - is broke this week too
  9. I don't get paid 'til the seriously considering a 'payday loan'
  10. I have this sharp pain in my right breast and I am 99.999% sure that it will end up being terminal cancer - especially with my current state of mind

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