Friday, November 14, 2003

apology accepted

When my brother was a tiny tot, he went to preschool during the day. Always a rabble rouser, my mom was always getting notes home about him throwing rocks, throwing sand, stealing toys, etc etc etc... all normal 3 year old things to do.

One day, my mom picked him up from school and he was very very sad. His mouth hung low in the corners and his eyes were welled with tears. Mom took one look at him and knew he must have done something really bad today because he usually didn't pull the pity angle. He was more of an 'explainer' than a crier... "but mom, listen, those bees were flying around over by Josh and I just tried throwing a rock at them. I didn't know it would *actually* hit Josh. It was a mistake." So, my mom asked Daniel to gather his things and she stepped over to talk to the teacher to ask what happened.

"Well today Daniel was playing trucks with another little boy and they were crashing them together and Daniel used an inappropriate word. He immediately apologized and he was punished with a time out and he promised to watch his words. He seems to really feel bad about it."

So my mom and Daniel get in the car and are heading home and she asks him to tell her what happened. He tells her that he said a bad word and got in trouble, then bursts into tears. She's trying to drive and console the little peanut in the back seat, reaching around the seat with her right arm.

He sobs, "I'm real sorry, mom"

"I know you are pumpkin... it's ok"

[remember : this is in an angelic 3 year old voice] "I'm real sorry. I'm sorry from sayin' fuckin' shit."

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