Wednesday, October 15, 2003

what are YOU so happy about today?

Ok, this is so lame, but I was listening to the commercials during the Howard Stern show on my way to work (my commute is too short, all I ever hear is commercials on any radio station) and there was one of their little 'bits' that they do in between commercial sets.

It was a phone call to a sex line and the operator informed the phone sex lady that she would be connecting a person-to-person call from a "Handicapable" person who spoke with computerized assistance. The phone sex lady was agreeable, so she started talking to the guy. He sounded like Stephen Hawking. He said a couple of things and she would say something back.... at one point she said something sexy, and he "mmmmm'ed" back to her, but since his computer doesn't read "mmmmm" as a sound it came out "m" "m" "m" "m" "m"

Just picture that sound in your head. Computer generated voice. "M" "M"

That's what I am laughing at this morning. Yeah, I am an idiot.

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