Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Are you a total geek, like me?

Then you will appreciate this site : MrExcel.com!

If you are an excel master mind (like moi) and need help with complex formulas and database management : these are your peeps. Seriously. Even if you just don't know how to format something simple, like fonts, you can get help free through the message boards. It's my new best friend. I have *never* had a question that these people couldn't answer- fast & friendly too!

No, they aren't paying me to tell you this... I was just there looking up something and thought that some of you fellow office geeks could use it as a reference!

They also have services that you can pay for - like data recovery, extensive macros, etc. - but if you kinda sorta know your way around Excel, then the message boards should get you where you're going.

...but if you need some database help - I'm your girl! I work for peanuts (or burritos) and am actually very knowledgable. Just keep me in mind. Maybe we can scheme up a databse for you, while I tailor your pants!

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