Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Tales of a Thrift Store Junkie

I was reading Jule's post today about thrift store shopping and was simultaneously overjoyed and embarrassed that she was describing ME!

I have always loved vintage and kitschy stuff, especially cheap vintage and kitschy stuff! I mean, can you pass up a funky old purse for 60 cents? Not me. Plus, I have great thrift store luck. Someday, I will post some pictures of the very coolest findings, but here is a brief re-cap of some recent findings :

  • calf-length fake fur (teddy bear fur) coat - $5

  • pea coat style lepoard print vintage jacket circa '62 - $4

  • Transformers tin breakfast tray - 60 cents

  • white patent leather 50's style purse - 45 cents

  • collectible M&Ms candy jar - 35 cents : sold on eBay

  • hand-sewn satin dress with a 70's star print with cats at the bottom - $3.50

If anyone wants to go thrifting this weekend, my schedule is wide open! :)

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