Thursday, September 25, 2003

Argh! The FTs!!

Ok, I have a new series of rants to add to my Fuck Tard List - all about the refrigerator repair guy.

Backstory : fridge decided not to work on August 30. Melted popsicles, the whole 9 yards. We called (it's under warranty, thankfully) for service and were scheduled for September 3. Repair man came, but didn't have the right part. Gotta order the part, that'll be a week. We schedule service for September 10. Repair man doesn't show up. Says that he wasn't sure we got the part he shipped us or not. Scheduled service for September 11, doesn't show up. Scheduled service for September 21. Get a call past our appointment time that the 'technician' has called in sick and won't be coming. Scheduled service for September 24. 'Technician' comes early than scheduled appointment time and leaves a "sorry we missed you" note on the door.

I'm sorry that the Maytag Man has died. It seems that he was the last of the good guys.

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