Tuesday, September 16, 2003

put the FUN back in funeral

Today, my Dear Husband and I attended the funeral of his Great Uncle Eddie. It was unfortunate and sad and somber... well, it should have been.

It was a Catholic ceremony, with all the 'please stand' and 'please kneel' and prayers and rituals... a whole mess of stuff that I didn't know. What made it laughable, was the Grandmothers. That is, Ryan's grandmother and her sister.

We should have known better. We should have made them sit in separate pews. Sigh. Those two... Heard during the service :

"isn't that Jesus statue creepy?"
"what did he just say?"
"do you think they're having an affair?"
"the priest and that one... the blonde haired woman"
"ha ha ha ha"
"Mia, who is that singing? No, it can't be the organist... she's OLD."
"pass me the hymn book... no, can I have the one with the blue cover?"
"what page?"
"why am I looking at this? I can't see it without my glasses"
"this blue is nice. Can we keep these?"
"that Mary statue is creepy. Isn't it creepy?"
"who picked those green tiles?"
"doesn't his voice sound like Darth Vader?"
"ha ha ha ha"
"Mia, step on this spider. I don't want it crawling up my pants"
"what are we having for lunch after? oh, I'm supposed to be standing?"
"ooh... I like that gold cup. I want one like that."
"I am not kneeling... did I tell you how bad my hip has been aching lately?"

Of course, this was all in between shushes from my Husband and myself... to no avail. It's hard to keep a straight face when the 80 year old grandmas are crackin' jokes.

In their defense, Eddie wouldn't have had it any other way.

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