Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I stole borrowed this from Jules who stole borrowed it from Lauren who jacked it from Casey who found it on, well you get the picture, right?


First car: 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia [note : this picture is not my car, but same color, etc.]

First real date: Aside from the Knotts and Disneyland dates (sorry, we SoCal kids are different) it would have to be Mike May. Neither of us had our own cars, so he had to enlist an older friend to come and pick me up from my house. It was sweet and he met the ‘rents and all that… then we went to a lame party at Danny’s house and sat around talking shit on how drunk everyone else was.

First real kiss: Um, this other guy named Mike that I went out with a few months before Mike May. I can’t remember his last name. It was a Disneyland date and he was a horrible, sloppy kisser.

First break-up: From a serious “boyfriend” type person (not a jr. high “going steady” kind of boyfriend) was Mike #1 (sloppy kisser from above). He was older than I was and much more… uh… advanced than I was and I was not into doing the Horizontal Hula with him (which he was pretty insistent upon), so I just stopped calling him. Our mothers were friendly and so I think my mom broke the news to his mom and the message was passed along that way. Pretty lame. In my own defense, I was barely 14 and he was 17 or 18 or something, so he should have known that he would get an immature 14 year old style break up.

First job: Aside from the miscellaneous tasks in my mother’s office, my first job was as a Teacher’s Aide in a preschool. I had just graduated from an ROP class, so I had worked an internship there for almost a year and then I was hired. 6 weeks later the company changed hands and I was laid off because I wasn’t 18 and they didn’t want to employ a minor.

First self purchased album: Beastie Boys “Licensed To Ill” I was nine years old. I thought “posse” was a bad word.

First screen name: Tink410 - I still use it sometimes

First funeral (that I remember): My grandfather George. I don’t remember much, except the family was in a small room to the right of the casket that was separate from the rest of the chapel and pews. It was weird and I was sad, but not emotionally distraught like some other people. Also, the old guy who used to be in the Black Angus commercials was there (an old pal of Grandpa’s I guess).

First pet: My first pet was a parakeet. I don’t remember it at all, but there are pictures of me reading books at 2 years old with a bird on my head.

First piercing/tattoo: My ear lobes were pierced when I was 9 months old. I got the 2nd holes in 8th grade. The third set came when I was 15 and at Lollapalooza. The fourth hole (right ear only) I got when I was 18. I got my nose pierced when I was 18 and my tragus pierced shortly thereafter - right ear only. I got my tongue pierced when I was 19. I had my nipples pierced shortly after, but I might have been 20 at the time. My first tattoo was at 18 and of the astrological symbol for Virgo. Second, third and fourth came shortly after.

First Love: Jonathan Claussen - he was the first crush that I actually really cared if he liked me back.

First Enemy: Jennifer Garcia. I’ll post on THIS STORY separately.

First musician you remember hearing in your house: AC/DC - my dad says as a toddler I would actually follow along to “Bang Your Head” and rock out


Last good cry: Two weeks ago. Everything was turning sour and I was irritated and then the fridge broke. I just lost it.

Last movie seen: Men in Black II - so funny. Shoulda watched it sooner!

Last big car ride: Ooh... not for a while now. Not since like November when we were at Ryan's grandma's house in Pismo Beach.

Last beverage drank: Iced Tea - ooh, now I gotta pee!

Last food consumed: Tomato Basil Soup - mmmm!

Last phone call: One of our travelers, looking for help.

Last time showered: A week ago. I only shower when I dye my hair. But I take a bath every morning. Today it was between 7:00-7:20am

Last cd played: “Motherland” by Natalie Merchant

Last item bought: Lunch isn’t included, right? Then it would be the red skirt that I searched high and low for.

Last annoyance: The stupid guy that I work with who makes me cringe with rage just to look at him. Incompetent Boob.

Last disappointment: Realizing it is 4:30 and not 5:30, and therefore I still have an hour of work left!

Last time scolded: Yesterday when I Punk’d my mom.

Last website visited: Our company travel reservation site. Before that, it was Jules

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