Monday, September 29, 2003

Halloween Projects

I wanted everyone to rest assured that the Halloween Projects will be finished and mailed out to you soon. I am almost finished with the containers (just painting and embellishing them is left) so all that is left is filling them with fun things for girls and boys.

I will be making candies to put inside, which have been delayed since I have been without a fridge for weeks on end... argh... but as soon as I get the freezer capability up and running, I'll be cranking out pirate candies like you wouldn't believe!!

I will try and remember to take a picture of a completed Halloween Project for everyone and will post it at Sew Lame for you to review. What I have made are paper maiche containers, which will be used to send out special treats. I have made pumpkins, spiders and cats so far... and I may be making a bat, also.

If you want a Halloween Container of your very own - email me your address. I aim to send them out mid-week (so that you can kick start your Halloween decorating), so you could have your very own package in the mail (!!) by the end of this week! How fun!

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