Monday, August 11, 2003

Surprise, Indeed

I spent most of last week planning out a surprise party for Ryan. He's not too keen on birthday celebrations for himself (oh, but you'll see him shakin' his tail feathers at everyone else's parties!) and would never agree to even a simple "get together" in his honor... so I just neglected to tell him.

It was so nice that his friends showed up. They have an impeccable track record for RSVP'ing and not coming with a flimsy excuse of 'tired' or 'forgot.' I was really concerned that Ryan would come home to me and Jenn and a skull cake all to ourselves.

It actually turned out rather nice. I got to see Cyndee, who I haven't seen in an eon or so. We ended up having to toss some people out at 2:30am when we were ready for bed. Evan seemed so excited when we granted him leniency and let him go back to sleep on the couch [poor guy already tossed his cookies and needed some rest].

My favorite part was that Ryan was 100% honest-to-goodness surprised. No one slipped and told him. He didn't catch on to my antics (baking the cake at my mom's house under the guise of hemming my dress, but taking several hours to do so). [pat on the back for Mia]

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