Friday, August 22, 2003

My Day (Feel Sorry For Mia)

This is why I need a margarita :

  • Ruckus woke me up at 2am

  • Ruckus woke me up at 2:15am

  • Ruckus woke me up at 3am

  • repeat in 15-20 minute incriments until 5:30am

  • I had to leave the house early, so they can re-pave the asphalt in the parking lot

  • 6:30am is very early to leave for work

  • My hair is uncooperative and too short for a ponytail

  • my outfit was thrown together in the dark - and it shows

  • my boss is on vacation all week, so I had to cover her reports

  • the mandatory training session was a snoozefest

  • the training also ate up 2 hours of valueable work time

  • I had to be the designated birthday coordinator

  • this means that I had to buy a cake, come back, set up the party and serve cake - all while freaking out about how much work I have to do

  • I had a run-in with the office beeyotch... argh... now I want to fight

  • everything handed to me is a priority project, because my OTHER boss is leaving for vacation too

  • it's really hot in here

  • my head is spinning

  • I still have to hang streamers and birthday signs in Carrie's cube

  • I have to pretend like I like it

  • when I get home it will 300 degrees outside (at least)

  • I will have to park on the street and walk into the complex because of the re-paving crap
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