Monday, August 18, 2003

I'm sure you've got one of these too..

Every office has certain types of people, and considering I work for an enormously large company (about 3,000 people in this office alone) we have several of every kind.

There's the Overly-Happy-On-Monday Guy. The I'm-Still-Hung-Over-From-Friday Lady. The People Pleasers. The ones you Can't-Talk-To-Until-They've-Had-Their-Coffee.

My least Favorite are the Lazy Ones and the Scared-Shitless-Of-Losing-Their-Jobs-And-So-They-Will-Create-Any-Kind-Of-Diversion-To-Make-Themselves-Look-Productive.

I have the great misfortune to have the latter person in my immediate group.

This dear person is so fearful of any changes (because they do not have the skills to support said changes) that they fight them tooth and nail. The result is an archaic system of doing things that is frustrating and wasteful for everyone involved. This person declines any opportunity to advance their skills or change their job, based on the current times. I can just imagine the trauma that this person went through when the typewriter was retired. Geez.

Lately it has become a real thorn in my side, because the skills that this person lacks have to be picked up by someone... and it seems that I have become that designated someone. Sigh.

It pains me and I am just about to chuck my apple at their head... I am cracking away at a complex project that involves programming and CSV files and a butt load of difficult, manual labor... and my lame ass co-worker has taken the past two hours to draft a letter. ARGH!!!!

I wish that Lame Ass would decide whether they are ready to embrace the new millenium and get away from keeping paper copies of everything and learn how to save a document on their computer. But in the mean time Lame Ass is keeping the rest of us from being productive because we have to cover for their lack of skills.

It kills me that so many people are jobless and REALLY want to work and have the skills and drive to be really good at this job... and yet Lame Ass skates by, because the company is afraid to fire Lame Ass.

I hate corporate america.

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