Tuesday, August 26, 2003


I am already looking forward to Halloween.

The Taint is trying to secure a place in the show on Halloween at the Galaxy, where they will be doing a full set of Misfits covers. If you like The Taint, the Misfits, both or neither then you will love this show. Dead Man's Party kicks ass... seriously. They are the best cover band of all time, and I am grateful that they play Oingo Boingo.

But now I am at the point where I am trying to figure out what to wear. Last year, we saw DMP so we went as... get this!... dead people! HA! The originality! The costuming!

I really like getting all into Halloween and making costumes and stuff... but I need help. Got any ideas? We don't need his/hers ideas this year, since he will be dressed as one of the Misfits circa 1977. Any ideas for me? I was thinking an 80's punk princess, but that's not too far off from my typical Saturday night gear... I'm always open for an excuse to wear my wedding gown and veil again... :)

Also, if anyone has tips on face painting.... I am going to try and make Ryan look really pro like these guys

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