Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Brave New World

Change your furniture, change your life.

On Sunday afternoon I said "dear husband, what do you think about rearranging the furniture?" to which he replied (sigh) "ok, what do you want me to move where?"

We've had our furniture in the same arrangement for the past year, and I am ready for a change, so I mapped* it out on paper, and then we started moving things.

I am realy quite pleased with the new arrangement except for :

  • all the artwork now needs to be moved

  • all the holes created by hanging the artwork need to be patched and painted

  • the shelves need to be painted

  • we need to buy a new wall color for the 'other' side of the room

  • we need to collect enough art to take up all the space on the long wall

  • stains and blemishes on the carpet that were previously hidden are now staring me in the face

  • funds are REALLY tight right now, so I can't afford the Resolve to clean the carpets let alone the paint to cover the entire 'other' side of the room

  • I'm dreaming about new furniture

Never mind the fact that since the books are stacked on the floor instead of the book case, it looks like a bookmobile blew up in our living room. We really should start a library. We have a lot of books and no space to keep them in. At least if people were checking them out, the on-hand stock would be reduced, right?

*anyone who knows me that I love nothing more than 1) drawing diagrams and 2) making lists

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