Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Dirty Little Secrets

Sigh... I must confess a dirty little secret. I let my cats eat bugs. And not just I "let" them eat them... I don't always try to stop them.

Sure, it started as some harmless ant chasing (although those little buggers make a stink when sniffed up close... Ruckus always backs away sneezing) and then escalated to catching the crickets that escaped from the toad tank* but now it's gotten worse... much worse.

My husband orders extra crickets at the pet store for the cats to chase. And by chase I mean bat around until the cricket is dizzy and then promptly devour.

Tonight, out of no where a green grasshopper flew onto our patio and up Ryan's shorts (tee hee). Once he stood up to shake it out, the cats were all over it. They chased it into the house and around the living room... until Ruckus cornered it. It all went down hill from there. Ruckus managed to knock it's two back legs (the hopping legs!) off by carrying it around in his mouth. Monkey mostly watched, but LOVED to chase it when it was flying around, trying to escape.

But alas, the grasshopper has lost its battle. I had to turn away and seclude myself in my room while they ate his remains. God have mercy on my soul.

Ryan argues that it's natural for cats to chase and eat bugs... but there is nothing natural about winding up on a 2nd floor balcony and having a grey beast rip your legs (your hopping legs!) right from your body. I am so sorry, dear grasshopper. I hope you are in a better place now.

*Ryan keeps a tank of firebellied toads that eat crickets and -ugh- worms on a weekly basis. You don't know the meaning of *wretch* until you've seen a frog poo with a cricket head in it.

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