Sunday, August 03, 2003

Beautiful To Look At, But Not To Touch

We spent Friday Night at the House of Blues to see the Reverend Horton Heat. The show was awesome and I think I have found a new favorite band - Southern Culture on the Skids!

Seeing as how it was a Rockabilly show, there were so many beautiful people... it seemed like all the girls had these ginchy little retro hairdos and vintage dresses. They were all so pretty (I thought I looked good until I saw them) but also so impractical. So many of them were wearing bondage style spike heel shoes that were at least 8 inches high... I was aghast. Maybe because I have bad feet, but I just can't imagine WHY you would choose those shoes for a CONCERT where you will be STANDING all night long.

It gave me the vapors.

Anyway, it's really spiked my interest in cool hairdos - as if I needed any more interest in cool hair styles - and I have been fooling around with different looks. If any of them turn out, you might see me wearing them out on the town!

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