Thursday, June 05, 2003

Last Night, She Said

Last night, I had a typical one of my crafty schizophrenic fits. I started working on the magnet set that I have created for Randy and Shannon (pics will be posted soon!) and then while the paint was drying, I brought out the sweing machine and started work on the patchwork pillowcase that I am making... after growing frustrated at the thin material and it's poopy temperment I took a break to watch Law & Order - yes, I am a geek! - and then I decided that I would put the patchwork pillow on hiatus and start making a leopard print pillow. Not because I want a leopard print pillow... it's mostly because once upon a time I got a good deal on leopard print velour fabric and so I bought something like 5 yards of it and haven't made a single thing. I take that back, I did make one skirt that turned out crooked (of course, I didn't use a pattern) so I only wore it once before I turned it into a handbag. Anyway, making the pillow just wasn't satisfying enough, so I started thing about embellishment. I ended up painting on a pin-up girl silhouette.... it turned out pretty cool. I'll post those pictures too.... when I get around to it. So, here I was with my many different projects and I had to invoke every ounce of restraint that I could muster to stop myself from reusing the pin-up stencil to paint the walls...

Speaking of painting the walls, that was supposed to be last Saturday's project but we were low on funds and so it was postponed indefinitely. I'll let you know how that goes, in between my other projects.

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