Tuesday, March 18, 2003

first post

OK, so I got to examining the reason why I need my own blog... it boils down to this : I am a voyeur at heart and horribly narcissistic. I LOVE reading other blogs and surfing web sites. I also think that some body, somewhere might actually be interested in what I feel compelled to chat about.

Lately, I have been spending my lunch hour sitting at my desk (trade a hot lunch for a bag of pretzels and an iced tea) and browsing the internet. Some time last year, I broke out the old craft box and decided that I should start embroidering again. Fair enough. So, I started browsing the internet for ideas and projects, and have come across a few great sites that lead you to others... and more and more, to the point where if I buy another pressed sugar mold or bag of hot glue sticks, I may end up in a straight jacket. I have been enjoying Going Bridal, which is a second site of Sara, who also heads up Sew Geeky. She cracks me up and has pointed out SO many great places! I wish her and her husband-to-be the best of luck in getting through this difficult time.

I have spent my lunch today reading as much as I can from Tomato Nation. Beware - you WILL laugh and you WILL choke on your pretzels.
Anyway, what I REALLY wanted to share to all my Tinker Bell collecting pals is that I have just purchased a wonderful new bauble! The fantastic people at Vintage Zone have come through for me again! This time, I have purchased a vintage Peter Pan charm bracelet to add to my collection. I keep promising myself that I will update the pictures on my site soon... but it's just so hard to find the time. As soon as I do, this picture will be added.

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