Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Crabby Old Lady at Disneyland

I have read recently about the overall appearances of the Disneyland Cast Members (employees) declining over the years. While I agree, I think it is a small part of a larger dress code issue. I remember when I was young (go ahead and laugh... when the young say "way back when" it deserves a chuckle) and the 80's punk revolution was in full swing and people wore mohawks and colored hair. I remember stories of older sisters and such being denied admission because they had pink hair that was too 'radical' (not 80's slang, but actually outrageous). I also remember stories of people being told that they were dressed inappropriately - bare midriffs, revealing tank tops, bathing suit tops, etc. - and were denied admission.

Maybe these stories were urban myths or whatever... but I wish these rules would come back!

I visited the parks 2 weekends ago, and there was some sort of cheerleading competition going on, so there were OODLES of young girls everywhere. You could always tell which ones were the cheerleaders by the identical hair-dos and make-up. Anyway, many (to the tune of hundreds) of these girls were wearing outfits that would be inappropriate for a 25 year old, and just mind boggling to see on a 12 year old! The ultra low rise jeans and barely-there tube tops left nothing to the imagination (much to the delight of the teenage boys, I'm sure). Another popular look is the micro mini skirt that is dangerously short. My qualms with these outfits is not that I am a conservative prude (being an 'older' woman of 25, myself) but that many of these girls behave just like that - girls - and don't know how to maneuver through the parks in a micro mini skirt. Probably the crown jewel of all the "flashing" that we got that day was a girl -no more than 13- at the front gate, who bent over to tie her shoe. Her jeans were cut so low and were so tight, that they didn't bend with her. Everyone in line got a nice clear view of her butt. The entire thing. G-string and all. She didn't seem to even notice that her entire butt was hanging out of her pants (literally).

I would really like to see Disney bring back - or actually enforce some kind of dress code. It's not just that I think teenagers are dressing sexy beyond their years - I understand that "sexy" is in this season - but it isn't fair to the rest of us. It isn't fair that we should shell out $50 of our hard earned cash to stand in line behind these girls and feel uncomfortable when their buns pop out of their jeans. Why should we have to feel awkward when these girls decide to "high kick" in a mini skirt? Why should we have to all turn our heads as they stumble in to the Matterhorn Bobsleds? In my humble opinion, there should be no public displays of underwear at all. Disneyland is a family park... not a pick up joint. I know that teens see it from a different perspective, but if they had a basic respect for everyone else, we'd get along swimmingly. Since they don't, however, a simple solution would be a dress code.

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