Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Bonanza Part 3

So... on my actual birthday Ryan was deathly sick. He was running a fever and a crazy cough and a ridiculously runny nose. That was a bummer.

It was a bummer because the following day I had to attend an event, where I would be for the next few days. Part of my company's event sponsorship included hotel rooms at the event property, which just happened to be the St Regis hotel - not a bad place to spend a few days!

Saturday night, on my actual birthday Ryan was still falling apart, so I just went and checked into the hotel and dropped off all my event gear and then came home.

This was the view from my room.

view from my balcony

The conference had sent this welcome platter for me. Isn't it nice? The candied oranges were delicious!


Ryan and I spent the afternoon Sunday at the hotel. He swears that he was cured by a $25 gin & tonic and a conversation with the bartender about how this was the best gin in the world. So while he sipped on that, we enjoyed some housemade garlic pretzels and truffle fries (OH SO GOOD) out on the restaurant balcony, overlooking the pool.

pool at the St Regis
The pool looked so nice, but this place is too swanky for us to SWIM in, right? So we just sat poolside and stared at the ocean view - but mostly at this seagull who was using the fountain as a bidet.

bidet bird

The hotel offers a "shuttle" service to their private beach, so we went to check that out and watch the sunset. Yes, it's possible to walk but the walkway is a public path outside of the hotel. The shuttle is allowed to cut through the golf course, so it's about a 5 minute trip. It's terrifying, truth be told. The driver was pushing the limits of what this cart was capable of. I was certain that the brakes were going to fail or we were going to get thrown out of the sides.

"shuttle" to the beach from the hotel

Down at the beach, the hotel provides towels and beach chairs, umbrellas and BBQs. There are outdoor showers, clean restrooms, plus a private restaurant with indoor or outdoor seating and indoor/outdoor fireplaces. Not a bad place to spend the day!

us at the beach

We walked in the water, because you're SUPPOSED TO. And then we sat on the specially-tiered seating to watch the sunset. It was lovely. Then we washed our feet and took the shuttle back to the hotel.


I could barely keep my eyes off the giant soaking tub. It was so... GIANT! There was a shuttered window pass-through to the bedroom, which allows you to watch TV and converse with your spouse while you soak in the tub for hours. The bathroom area also had a speaker system that connected to the TV, so you could adjust the sound in the bathroom to better hear your 'stories' from the tub. Or the toilet.

My only beef with the tub is that it was SO deep that I (4'10") had problems getting in/out easily. Because everything surrounding is Italian marble, it's super slick. It was a trick to not kill myself. BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT.

soaking tub

There was a lovely moon and Ryan and I enjoyed the evening out on the balcony, listening to the ocean and eating room service pizza.

view from my balcony

The next morning, my event was in full swing and Ryan went home. The event went pretty smoothly and I loved every minute of my St Regis experience. Ryan, however, hardly remembers any of it. Apparently, it's all a hazy fever dream for him.

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