Sunday, July 03, 2011

America's Favorite Pastime!

At the Angels/Dodgers game

Ryan's BFF, John, got some great Angels vs Dodgers tickets for the July 3rd game courtesy of his boss. They were season ticket holder seats in the VIP section, including VIP parking. The original plan was for Ryan to go with John and his wife, Rosey, because I had too much to do. I dropped Ryan off at John's house around noon and went about running my errands. Just as I was about to drive into our neighborhood, I got a call from Ryan who was home already. Apparently, the game time had changed and these guys didn't know until they got to the stadium. Whoops!

So Ryan came home to work for a few hours, during which he talked me into going to the game too. So I did.

I haven't been to a baseball game in years - maybe, like, 10 years? I dunno. It had been a while. I was pretty excited to go, but as soon as I got there I realized that baseball games are boring. I saw a little girl braiding a lanyard and immediately got jealous. WHY DIDN'T I BRING AN EMBROIDERY PROJECT?? Instead, I bought myself some peanuts which kept my hands busy, but somehow I forgot that shelling peanuts is freaking MESSY. Luckily, the etiquette of the ballpark is that you can sit around with peanut debris all over yourself and toss your shells on the floor. PLAY BALL!

The high point of the game was the pop-fly that came right to us. I, instinctively, ducked and hid under the seat. Ryan caught the ball! But then some jackhole Dodgers fan in front of us took it out of his hand. Which was super lame. I mean, we didn't WANT the ball. We're not huge fans or anything and if the guy had even just said "aw shucks" Ryan would have handed it over. Instead, the guy was a dick. Typical. Dodgers people are... Dodgers people. 'Nuff said.

After the 7th inning stretch, I decided to take a potty break and as soon as I came out, the entire stadium started clearing out - the Angels won already. What? I clearly don't know much about sports... why don't they play til the end? That's weird.

Anyway, it was a fun outing - except the Dodgers fans (who were everywhere!) and the religious nuts. I seriously contemplated calling the police or something. The fanatics were everywhere with their signs and screaming in your face to REPENT! which is okay, I guess (even though it's totally off-putting) but the worst were the kids. The people would send their kids to stand among the lines and walk around, begging people - CRYING! - to accept Jesus and go to church. It was disturbing. Seven year old kids shouldn't be subjected to begging strangers who (half of which are already drunk) to accept religion and upsetting themselves.

So, yeah. It'll be the last baseball game for a while. But it was still a good way to spend an All-American weekend!

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