Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sassadahls in California

Meeting people on the internet can be awesome. Years ago, I found like-minded weirdos on the internet by blogrolls and comments on blogs I liked... somehow, those people didn't reject me outright. I feel extremely fortunate.

One of those prized friendships is Styro aka: Caitlin. She and I just clicked and via blog posts and emails over the years, we developed a real-life relationship. I first met her in person and her beau a few years ago in New York. They're from Virginia, we're from California, so it's only fitting that we'd meet in NYC! They drove all the way out there just to meet us and visit friends in NY and it was super fun.

Since then, we've been able to meet up with them face-to-face two other times (again in NY and this time in California). Allen and Cait took a California road trip and had an amazing coastal vacation and the end-of-the-line was Pasadena and they were so kind as to make time to hang out with us!

The Sassadahls!

Ryan and I drove up on Friday afternoon and met up with them at an Irish pub where I ordered bruschetta (of course, it's an Irish pub so where better to get Italian appetizers?) and we sat at an outdoor table and soaked up the lovely, lovely SoCal sunshine.

After work, Kate came and met up with us too and after some crazy local brew beers, everyone was a wee bit tipsy and we all needed some real food. So we headed over to Louise's Trattoria where we were treated like walk-ins on a Friday night were lepers. The hostess gave us a giant sigh and eye-roll and promptly led us to the basement and seated us near the restroom. JOKE'S ON THEM! Having our own little room and a semi-private space, we just enjoyed ourselves even more!

Kate, Cait, me

We ate, like, 500 pieces of foccacia and then our meals. It was gut-bustingly awesome. We lingered in the restaurant for something ridiculous like 2 hours. Lucky for us, our waiter was similarly banished to the basement, so he appreciated having something to do - and with the coolest people ever!

Mr. & Mrs. Giddy Girlie

After a looooong while, we decided that we should take a picture, to prove it all really happened. So we all have, essentially, the same pictures. Mine are the blurry ones. Yay me!

Eventually, we had to let the vacationers go back to the hotel and get some rest before their long travel day home the next morning. As always, Kate and I were tempted to linger, but after a long week and a long, fun evening we decided the best thing for everyone involved was to just go home. It was sad, but it was the right choice.

It was great to see everyone. I was so sincerely excited to get to see Cait and Allen in person again. I wish that all we bloggy buddies could live closer and hang out more often. I seriously want to plan a big blog nerd meetup - any takers??

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