Friday, September 10, 2010


Somehow my birthday is here again. I don't actually like making a big issue out of my birthday. I mean, I'll take advantage of my Birthday Week by picking what's for dinner and not compromising on which movie to watch, but as for gifts and parties? I don't really need 'em.

Instead, here's a look back at my first birthday. I was a tiny baby (healthy weight, but just overall petite) and there weren't the abundance of tiny clothes and preemie sizes that there are now, so many of my clothes were actually doll clothes. The dressing gown that I am wearing in the picture actually fit my Cabbage Patch Kids dolls a few years later.

The kitty stuffed animal was the launching point of my obsession with cats. We had housecats when I was young and I just always loved kitties. This stuffed animal belonged to my cousin, who was a few years older than me. I somehow stole it and everyone made him give it to me permanently. That kitty has gone everywhere with me - he's been VERY well-loved and sits on my desk today. His fur is a little matted and he's permanently dirty in some places, but it just further justifies my earlier kitty theft.



Giggly said...

Happy Birthday Mia!!!

Carrie Vines said...

Happy Birthday! Eat cake and be merry!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my Darling Girl!!
xoxo Mommy


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