Monday, August 24, 2009

saint looooooooie!

This week I'm traveling for work - hey-o St. Louis! - and the downtown area is really cool but very strange too. It's lovely brickwork and old-city charm, but did you know there is not a single pharmacy anywhere nearby? In fact, when I check out google maps, it keeps recommending stores in Illinois which is a little farther than I prefer to walk. I used Yelp (which I am inclined to dislike and yet it's come in handy several times) and found a gourmet grocery store that has a small pharmacy, so I'm putting all my faith in this store and planning to walk over there tomorrow. Amazing what a girl's gotta go through to get a bottle of Advil, huh?* This store is only about a mile away, so it'll be a nice walk in the sweltering heat.

I've brought an embroidery project with me and I'm hoping to get some stitching done while I'm stuck in my room at night (traveling solo is kind of boring). I'm also watching TV, which is weird because I don't do that at home** and I'm kind of amazed by how much schlock is on the tube! And yet... I watch. Ah, well. It's only good for the stitchery if the eyes have nothing else to land on!

Miss me, y'all! And if you have any St Louis tips, send 'em to me. I've got a few days left and 2 more evenings to fill!

*this hotel doesn't have a gift shop, but does have everything you need in vending machines, but the machine only has the tiny Advil packets with two pills in them and even if I wanted to spend $8 million to buy what's left, I'll end up with 4 pills. Which ain't enough to sustain me for 3 days.

**we cancelled our DirecTV a few months ago because we never watched live TV, so we watch a lot of movies and listen to podcasts and music and - gulp - talk.

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