Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for: Monster

When we first brought Rocket home, I realized that we no longer had the kitten toys from when Monkey and Ruckus were young, the things they'd outgrown like the cat track, but that were pretty much essential to keeping an energetic kitten happy.

While at the pet store, I also picked up a new toy "on a stick" - you know, those cat danglers/cat fishing type toys? I don't know what it's supposed to be - it's shaped like a bean, has long black fuzzy hair and two dangly legs. It's in the family with these $2.99 toys at PetSmart. Truthfully, I bought it because it was cheap. It was $2.99 and had a bell inside with catnip stuffing - good deal, let's go home.

Turns out, "Monster" as we call him, has become Rocket's best friend. He takes him everywhere. I made a quick video of him playing with him, when he'd growl and be bossy to him (the way that Ruckus was to Rocket). The growling is just so funny. You can't take a kitten voice seriously.

Monster is an all-day, every day toy. In fact, everyone thought there was going to be a catastrophe because we couldn't find him for a day earlier this week. Turns out that Rocket had taken him under the couch (where he likes to hide from Monster, then run out and grab him and drag him around the house). Poor Monster, started off with eyes and a nose and a big red smile. Now... he basically just has legs.

poor Monster, looking shabby

The ribbon is practical. Firstly, it allows us to play "cat fishing" where we dangle it around and he runs and jumps to catch it. But also, it helps us FIND the dang Monster. It used to have a neon green ribbon, which was great because it was easy to spot. That ribbon got torn to shreds, so now it's been replaced by an upcycled ribbon (which actually came on a cupcake package) which is adorable and functional.

playing with Monster

Hearing Monster's jingle bell makes me laugh every time. I love that at 6am when Rocket is awake and no one else is, he'll bring his Monster and play with it by himself on the end of the bed. Or when I'm in the bath, I'll hear the bell outside and I know that he's there amusing himself. It's cute the way he plays - and growls - at Monster, but also super sweet that he's so content with entertaining himself. Don't get me wrong, he LOVES to chase Ruckus around, but he's also just as happy to throw Monster high up into the air and then pretend that he didn't see where he landed, so that he can walk by non-chalantly and then BOOM! Gotcha Monster!

Sorry about all the kitten gushing. It's been such a different experience, now that I'm not out of the house 10 hours every day for work. When Ruckus and Monkey were little, I'd come home for lunch a lot to play with them, but they'd mostly just be asleep - they had their own routine. This time, I work mostly at home so I have a sidekick all day long. He has become my shadow, which I really adore. He sleeps in my lap (or in the kitty sling) or plays with Monster on the floor of my office while I'm on a conference call. He's very much like a baby, except I won't get arrested for not having a sitter while I'm gone to the movies!


Fizzgig said...

they are like kids! the kind that let you nap til noon on saturday!

Becky said...

We have the same's a bit battered now but the kits love it. We named it 'Bert' after Bret Michels...who we call Bert Michels. Yeah....silly.


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