Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Monday: Date Night

So the reviews were mixed and no one had a single nice thing to say about Date Night and so, naturally, Ryan teased me endlessly about adding this to our Blockbuster queue. I actually meant to remove it but forgot and so we got it in the mail this weekend. And last night I sat down to watch it and I have to say... not as bad as everyone said.

It's basically an out-of-place movie. It's like Adventures in Babysitting or Blind Date - both released in 1987 - a cheesy 80's era "action/comedy" movie. The premise is, of course, totally ridiculous. But if you just go with it, it's actually kind of funny. If this was released in 1987, it would have been a huge blockbuster.

The story is a married couple who go out to dinner for a date night (natch) and wind up in the middle of a mafia-style bribery scam and to get themselves out of the situation, they decide to solve it themselves (rather than going to the police). So, obviously, it's incredibly far fetched. But the adventure is silly and in some parts, extremely funny. James Franco has an incredible cameo as does Mark Wahlberg. My favorite cameo, though, is J.B. Smoove - which I won't spoil for you - but if you liked him on Curb Your Enthusiasm, you'll know the kind of over-the-top comedy that he is capable of.

Anyway, long story short: it's actually pretty funny and it's pretty solid and a good, geeky movie just for funsies one night.

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Fizzgig said...

date night was a completly acceptable dollar movie rental.

i cant say bad about movies that cost a dollar to rent. meh.

an unlikely good movie was afterlife with liam neeson and christina ricci. innnnteresting!


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