Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween decorations

You probably already know this, but I love Halloween. And I love chotchkies. And I love decorating. BUT! I am also extremely lazy. Last year, we were so busy that I never even got the Halloween decorations down from the garage rafters. This year, I grabbed 'em down, but was limited in my set-up.
I have little houses and buildings and junk that light up (you know, like that whole aisle at the craft store that you HAVE to stop and peek at every year?) but I am limited on where I can put them. I have lots of shelves and stuff, but I also have a kitten who has no respect for decorations. Fortunately, he doesn't know that he can climb on the fireplace mantel. Ha! So that's the focus of this year's decorating efforts.

I found these awesome, glittery purple cardboard chandeliers at Target for a buck!

Under the Haunted Mansion Stretching Room portraits is the rest of the stuff that I was able to cram on the mantle. Lots of the big stuff had to stay in boxes this year. (Speaking of which, the FedEx box barricade is because the kitten insists on climbing in the fireplace. What is with orange cats??)
Halloween display

My Sock Zombie is always on display, but now he has a jack o'lantern! And it lights up!
sock zombie!

This little graveyard scene has a path in it that is supposed to lead up to a haunted house. I usually fill in my own Haunted Mansion toy here, but again, there's no space and kitten can't be trusted if I put it on a table.

Part of the buildings and stuff that I have, have a gingerbread man theme to them. Here's the Halloween cake.
witch cake

And the headless horseman! No sword here, just a half-peeled banana!
headless horseman

And the pumpkin-pie carving kids.
carved pumpkin pie

I'm hoping that the kitty will calm down a bit before Christmas, so I can get all my fun Christmas decorations out. Fingers crossed!


erika said...

Ooh! I should really make a Halloween display, too. I have lots of trinkets! and sock zombies! Of course! and Madame Leota!

Kate D. said...

Love love love!!! I am in awe of your style, lady. Come over and decorate my place next, please!

Fizzgig said...

i think i threw away 99% of my halloweener stuff because i decided i dont like it.

plus, i hate takign decorations down. i envy people who change their beds, and bathrooms and entire decor for holidays. its so cute, but so much work. eh.

giddy99 said...
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giddy99 said...

yeah, Target had some AWESOME decorations. I'll be using my new Skeletal hands & arms salad tongs year-round. :)

I LOVE your display! So fun!

giddy girlie said...

Fizzgig - I feel you. Putting it all away is the worst!

Erika - you totally should! Even just a small area, like a single shelf (or the mantle!) is cheery. :)


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